a little note

Good Day Sexy Friends and Followers,

i had a chance to dress up a little and hang out in bra and panties with my collar on and interesting enough Mistress Kate called. We had a delightful chat and She asked me to tell Her what i issed about not being up with Her and Sir. She decided i should write about it .

i miss being at their side as they watch a show someitmes one of them is petting y head. Other times i might be rubbing their feet. Or being asked to get snacks or drinks. i adore how they can interact and ignore me but yet snap a finger to get my attention. I miss Her lovely body and being able to wash and massage Her and of course Sir too. I enjoy opening car doors for them when we go out. i miss them ordering food for me at a resturant . i miss carrying in the groceries and putting them away. But most of all i miss their company. We have yet to establish dates fr my week in November. i so look forward to that week.

Have a Great day

Peace N Love

humbly submitted


quick photo of bra and collar

bra and collar

7 thoughts on “a little note”

  1. Sindee I’m getting such a vivid picture of your time with them & what you get out of it. Sounds fun.

  2. Beautiful! One of my favorite things is sitting at Daddy’s feet while He reads the paper or watches TV. The little acts of service…anticipating His needs. I feel your submission so deeply! 🙂 Thank you for sharing, Sindee. ♥

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