Fun Inspried

@Collaredmichael and Bound to serve Her recently posted a list. I’ve decided to take part. Love following them. I’ve put a Done it behind everything I have experienced.

•Been Married Done It Twice

•Been divorced Done it twice

•Fell in love Done it Many times

•Watched someone give birth Done it 5 times

And Caught a baby being born Not but cut the cord

•Watched someone die  Done it Both Mom and Dad

•Been to Canada

 •Ridden in an ambulance Done it

•Been to Hawaii 

•Been to Europe 

•Been to Las Vegas Done it

•Been to Washington D C Done it

•Served on a jury

•Danced in the rain Done it Nude

•Been to California Done it

•Been to New York 

•Played in the band/orchestra in school Done it

•Sang in the church choir Done it

•Sang karaoke Done it

•Laughed so much you cried 

•Laughed so hard you pee’d

•Caught a snowflake on your tongue Done it

•Had children/adopted Done it
•Had a pet(s) Done it

•Been sledding on a big hill Done it

•Been downhill skiing Done it

•Been water skiing 

•Rode on a motorcycle Done it

•Traveled to all 50 states
•Jumped out of a plane
•Been to a drive-in movie Done it

•Rode an elephant

•Rode a Horse Done it

•Been on TV

•Been in the newspaper Done it

•Been on the radio Done it
•Stayed in the hospital alone Done it

•Donated blood Done it

•Gotten a piercing  Done it 5

•Gotten a tattoo

•Driven a stick shift vehicle  does test drive count? Done it

•Been scuba diving
•Lived on your own Done it

•Broken a bone Done it
•Gotten stitches Done it
•Traveled Alone Done it

Sorry couldn’t figure out the hearts but had fun running down memory lane .

Humbly Submitted

Peace and Love


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