New Friend Inspired

Good Day Sexy Friends and Followers,

Hope everyone is feeing good despite these quarantined times . Recently, i have been feeling not so sexy and lonely in the companionship department as many single folks might be feeling. Personally my love language is touch. Oh how i long to touch and be touched. So along comes a new reader and now friend and i long to meet him. i hope to someday travel across the pond to meet him. Or perhaps he will be in my area. He has made me feel special. Like many comments that i get i really enjoy and yes they cheer me up and inspire me. So please keep on cheering me on and encouraging me . Thank You Thank You i am on my knees thank You All. I wish i could meet You all and serve each and everyone of You. So Here are some new pics inspired by my new Englishmen.


Peace N Love



Bear Down
Sweet Chicago Bear
He’s Bearly seen