Lingerie is For Everyone – Cosy, comfy edition

Good Day Sexy Friends and Followers,

it might not be very cosy or sexy but it is very comfy. Just out of the shower and doing a little air drying. Sitting back and resting

Lingerie Is For Everyone is an inclusive, supportive and body positive bi-weekly link-up where you can share your love of lingerie through words and photos.

Lingerie has long been seen as something just for women and it’s often represented by only a very narrow example of women, (usually slim, white, and cisgender). For something with an almost universal appeal, this makes no sense!

humbly submitted

Peace N Love


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10 thoughts on “Lingerie is For Everyone – Cosy, comfy edition”

  1. What a great image and I totally agree with you. I really enjoy seeing images which challenge this stereotype and you definitely look sexy as well as cosy and comfy. Missy x

    1. Thank You PS i do but i don’t dress nearly as much as i would like to living with a 3 and 2 year old and their Mom & Dad. they rather i not dress and confuse the young ones.

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