Thinking after Thanking

Good Day Sexy Friends and Followers,

Hope all are doing well among this pandemic that is driving some of us up the wall. It’s been a rough time for all of us. I certainly miss traveling to Mexico and up to see Mistress Kate. Seems Mistress Kate is caring for a close friend who has covid and not doing well. I haven’t been able to go see Her because of that. My Daughter is due to deliver another granddaughter in February. so i must stay healthy. so i have been thinking its been hard to dress as sindee and get out. Ok impossible to get out under all these closures. And i am getting older close to 66 so i have been thinking about purging for the last time. Giving what i can to those who need things. Not sure exactly but that’s the way i am leaning. since this way should anything happen to me. Noone will have to go thru 4 bins of my girlie clothes and toys.

Here’s from the last time i was left home alone. Maybe my last pics .

Peace N Love

humbly submitted