Thinking after Thanking

Good Day Sexy Friends and Followers,

Hope all are doing well among this pandemic that is driving some of us up the wall. It’s been a rough time for all of us. I certainly miss traveling to Mexico and up to see Mistress Kate. Seems Mistress Kate is caring for a close friend who has covid and not doing well. I haven’t been able to go see Her because of that. My Daughter is due to deliver another granddaughter in February. so i must stay healthy. so i have been thinking its been hard to dress as sindee and get out. Ok impossible to get out under all these closures. And i am getting older close to 66 so i have been thinking about purging for the last time. Giving what i can to those who need things. Not sure exactly but that’s the way i am leaning. since this way should anything happen to me. Noone will have to go thru 4 bins of my girlie clothes and toys.

Here’s from the last time i was left home alone. Maybe my last pics .

Peace N Love

humbly submitted


10 thoughts on “Thinking after Thanking”

    1. Thanks PS, really just going to change a little of my thoughts and make sure i am not fooling myself. But with this pandemic ,i am not meeting people and my bubble is very straight. So it will be be online mentally as sindee but healthy sindee

  1. Stay safe and well Sindee, this pandemic will pass hun, it is hard on our mental health to stay upbeat and focused on good things, there is always an urge to purge everything at stressful times where health may become an issue, but keep a small selection of your girlie things. They are as much a part of you as your ‘straight’ clothes are. Chin up, in time you will be able to see Mistress Kate again, you will have a new grandchild to adore, and 2020 will be the year everything went tits up and we all had to re-evaluate our lives and priorities. Hopeful we all learn to be better, kinder more accepting and understanding people. You’re one of my favourite kind people on here, you always have a positive message for everyone you speak to, don’t lose that part of you that shines because of this pandemic. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    1. Oh Gem , you warmed my heart with your message. Yes i plan on keeping some toys and girlie things but 4 bins may be too much. Thinking of dropping to 2. I shall always strive to keep the positive up.. The last few days have had little to no sun. So maybe that put me in a gloom mode to a bit.. I will say my 2 granddaughters (3.5 and 2.5) do keep me smiling just not sindee. For she stays in the background.
      Again thanks for the lovely note t really put a smile on my face. As did PS and Posy
      Peace N Love

      1. Glad my message lifted your spirits a little Sindee, and good to hear it’s only a culling not a complete clear out. You can seep the love you feel for your granddaughters through to Sindee in your quiet times darling, that part of you deserves to feel the warmth of innocent love too. You are a complete person Sindee, all of you, even if it’s only ever privately, should be able to feel the afterglow of that love and happiness you are given.
        HUGS to you and keep being you. You’re a lovely, genuine person. 😘

      2. Dear Sindee,
        Sorry for my poor english.
        Your way, never give up!
        I haved lost Susan, my Misstress, 10 years ago, standing, never loosing, ‘keep walking’!
        We have both the same age, fantasy and virtual friendship.
        Dear Sindee you aren’t alone, both.
        At the moment I hope, soon as possible, your Misstress friend’s recover health and regain your guidance.

  2. I love these images sindee! Especially the up-skirt one, which looks like a stylized ‘splash’!

    I totally get what you mean about clearing out things so family don’t have to find evidence of your more private side, but honestly darling 66 is not old. Don’t give your kinky items up too soon when dressing up and play so obviously ‘completes’ you.

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