Service slave

Good Day Sexy Friends and Followers,

i hope and trust everyone is well and doing the best they can in this pandemic world. Being bored and looking for something new , i added myself to Tik Tok. Mainly because i wanted to see Shakira’s dance challenge from the new video Girl Like Me. (Black Eyed Peas, Shakira – GIRL LIKE ME (Official Music Video) – YouTube ) Video link to song. BTW wish i had a body like Hers.

Well on Tik Tok someone wrote about service slaves and what they are and aren’t. I found it interesting but off. i also added myself to a dating app. My secret on the app was that i am a crossdresser and added a pic of me in a dress. i also stated that i was service oriented and believed in FLR. i guess not so surprisingly, but i received several responses. The question that was most asked was when did you have sex last? A tough answer for me because i haven’t had “sex” for over 10 years. if your definition of sex is fucking. i have been oral with several over the last few years. But my privates have not been touched my anyone in over 10 years. Do i miss that ? short answer no. i enjoy giving. Even when i was with Mistress Kate and Sir , i didn’t get touched in the private area. But they strokes my head , arms , or arms while i was with them. And to me that was wonderful They were worried about me and got pleasure from me masturbating in front of them and consuming my own ejaculate.

So to me a service slave provides service. Whether it be physical with someone or doing some chore, errand , or what have you. Washing clothes, car or dishes.

Doing for others That is what please me and makes me a service slave!! and a plus if i can dress up to the part !!!

Have a great Holiday Season

Peace N Love