Hose – food for thought

Good Day My Sexy Friends & Followers,

Thank – You, Posy. I think you have great legs too ! Also thanks Alice.

This is about Hose and panty hose. Like most crossdressers . i started out with Mothers and Sisters. Oh what a feeling . Still enjoy the feeling on my legs . Silk thigh Highs a great feeling. I used to wear Leggs winterhose when i played football. The guys in the locker room would give me shit about it. but that never mattered as i played well enough. Been shaving my legs sine my early 20’s mainly for cycling but soon found out that the feeling was enhanced on my legs. Before i reitred many days more than not i had either thigh highs on or pantyhose. i just love the feeling.

Here’s a few Christmas bows under my pants for the day.

Merry Christmas

Peace N Love

Humbly Submitted