Hose – food for thought

Good Day My Sexy Friends & Followers,

Thank – You, Posy. I think you have great legs too ! Also thanks Alice.

This is about Hose and panty hose. Like most crossdressers . i started out with Mothers and Sisters. Oh what a feeling . Still enjoy the feeling on my legs . Silk thigh Highs a great feeling. I used to wear Leggs winterhose when i played football. The guys in the locker room would give me shit about it. but that never mattered as i played well enough. Been shaving my legs sine my early 20’s mainly for cycling but soon found out that the feeling was enhanced on my legs. Before i reitred many days more than not i had either thigh highs on or pantyhose. i just love the feeling.

Here’s a few Christmas bows under my pants for the day.

Merry Christmas

Peace N Love

Humbly Submitted



13 thoughts on “Hose – food for thought”

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again sindee – Gaw-juss!

    Thanks for sharing your pictures and your thoughts. I think you have been brave to follow what you enjoy rather than what everyone else is doing. Very pleased to enjoy that view of you in festive hosiery. (thankyou also for praising my legs)

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