update on life

Good Day Sexy Friends & Followers,

it’s been over a month since my last blog. i have been trying to keep up with the many blogs i follow and have fallen behind. Yesterday i cleared 85 emails. Today there are 316 unread. i will get to them sooner or later.

Last weekend the weather Gods decided we needed 10 inches of snow and some wind. Fortunately, my neighbor has a snow plow and did our driveway which can hold 10 cars. a lot of shoveling would have been done. Thankful for good neighbors. The house has been hectic 4 girls (13,11, 3 and 2) can be very loud from time to time. i love them dearly but every so often would love to shout shut da f up! i don’t . My daughter is due on the 17th of the month and yet another girl will be in the house.

on the plus side i got a mani and pedi. Still looking for a new place. My regular manicurist of 5 years closed her shop due to covid and went back home to Greece. I really miss her. This last place get my finger nails down way to low and didn’t understand when i was telling her not so short.

I am leaving for a few days to visit Mistress Kate. She is feeling better. so i am driving four hours and looking to serve Her. Her husband is back at work in Chicago so She is all alone.

Thank You for following and leaving comments and love

Peace N Love



a little snow
blue nails
short nails