Little Update

Good Day Sexy Friends & Followers,

Well here in northern Illinois we have had 7 days below 20 degrees and wind chills below zero. I am back home with the family. My Daughter and Her Hubby at at the hospital awaiting the birth of my 6 Granddaughter and 10th grandchild. His Mother is here helping with the 4 that are home. Home schooling going on.

So as i await Mistress Kate’s approval to send days 3 thru 5. i shall write about what i liked best about being with Her. Subs may understand this best. After i took my collar off and She put it back on me. See prev blog(Day 1 & 2 with Mistress Kate | sindeejson ( i wore it non stop for 5 days and slept in it. See pic below. What a great feeling that i now long for. I do wear it out of the house when driving and going to the store but it is not the same. Being out and about with Mistress Kate , there it was for all to see. Being with Mistress Kate and just following Her and attending to Her. Cleaning the house, straightening up the basement. getting it ready to be painted. Although,, i was not en fem most of the time i was with Her. Thank full and waiting to go back.

Peace N Love

Humbly Submitted


At Your service