Day 3 Mistress Kate

Good Day My Sexy Friends and Follwers,

Mistress Kate has given a thumbs up to this long post.

So after cleaning and putting clean sheets on Her bed. She dressed and sat around as I waited on Her and finished the laundry until about 3 PM. She said “let’s do showers, me first then you. I have something special for this evening We are meeting a book club and You shall serve as we discuss the last few chapters. You shall not do any speaking unless spoken to. Understand” Yes Ma’am not a problem . “we shall go to dinner and then on to the Book Club. “ She had laid out some panties and bra for me. We had a lovely dinner at a Rustic Northern Woods Restaurant. I thought for sure the waitress was going to say something about my collar but she never did.

The ride to the book club was short and was in a store front downtown. The windows were blacked out and you couldn’t see inside. Once inside there was Diane from the other day. She came over and greeted me with a hug and said “You are such a sweetheart to be our waiter today. Let me show you the Kitchen area. “

Mistress Kate came along and we went got to the back, Mistress Kate “ disrobe leave the panties and bra on take off your hose and wear these cute bunnie slippers” With out wasting time I did.

Diane “ those are the cutest slippers. “ She showed be around the kitchen area. I quickly arranged the snacks and beverage tray under their direction. I was told to wait until I was called out to serve.

As I sat and waiting I could hear voices and some giggling. I was there for what seemed like 45 minutes but in reality 15 or so. When I heard the familiar voice of Mistress Kate “ Ladies at our service tonite is my slave , We spoke last week about my slave and I am happy you all came out .to see for yourself. As you may recall , you may ask questions but slave is here to serve us as we discuss our book. Please ask for drinks or snacks no touching of private parts you may smack or pinch slave’s ass anytime. Snapping your fingers will get slave’s attention. And now with out further adieu. SLAVE our snacks and beverages” out I came looking up to see about 8 Ladies not including Mistress Kate and Diane. I had a tray in each hand bunnie slippers, panties,bra, cuffs around my ankles and collar. I stood motionless for a second or two. When Mistress Kate “ come on don’t be shy serve” I start to walk around and serve. Of Course Mistress Kate was first and then Diane, who was sitting with this butch woman. Rather cute but in a male way. Her name I would find out later Pat. Very androgynous and appropriate. The Ladies discussed some book. And every so often a snap of the finger for cookies, wine or whatever. Usually after I served I got a smack in the butt or a pinch. I would wiggle my butt as I walked. As the meeting ended several thanked Mistress Kate for my services and told her I was well behaved and asked about cleaning, laundry and other duties. Some wanted to borrow me. Mistress Kate just smiled and said we shall see. I cleaned up as the Ladies were leaving. When I ad all the glasses and dishes in the kitchen I just started washing them.

Mistress Kate came in “ well done slave and now to let you know that it is Pat’s birthday, if you didn’t hear the others wishing her a happy birthday. The four of us are going to have a great time. You may have wondered about the cuffs. Well that is the surprise. Now that the dishes are done. And you cleaned up. I want you to dance for us. Stay here until your hear the music playing and come in dancing” The lights dimmed down the music came on. And I did my best John Travolta as they played Staying Alive. As I danced , I noticed they put 2 tables together with a heavy quilt over them. I also noticed that they were also in just panties. The ext song came on Do You Love Me Now. As I danced I was watching Pat as she had taped her breasts down. I danced and danced the best I could.

The Music finished. Mistress Kate asked me to kiss their feet starting with hers and ending with Pat’s.

As I kissed Pat’s feet I started massaging her calves they were beautiful and muscular. Mistress Kate was kissing Diane. I made eye contact with Her and She motioned for me to get up on the table. Pat asked that I gie her a body massage. So she laid on the table. Mistress Kate had brought the coconut body oil and handed it to me. I massaged Pat’s back and lowered down to the area just above the butt and lower back. When Diane started kissing Pat’s neck and ears. I moved to her butt cheeks and thighs. After a bit Pat rolled over and Said “lick my clit and make me come like Mistress Kate said you can don’t disappoint. I started slowly kissing the space between the thigh and pussy lips brushing over from one side to the other when she grabbed my head and stuffed my face into her pussy. She was very juicy it only took a couple of licks when She squeezed my head with her thighs I licked and sucked as she came. I barely heard Mistress Kate “i told you slave is great orally. Wait untl we have slave on back and legs tied down. good face to sit on”.

Diane asked if she could be next and Pat said “ I am not finished keep licking bitch !”

Mistress Kate “ we have all night and slave loves giving head”

When Pat was finished. Mistress Kate had me lay on my back and they tied my ankle cuffs to the tables. I could sit up and lay down. Pat went over to Mistress Kate thanking her. As diane just came ove and sat on my face and said “eat up and play with my tits” Before I could even reach up she grabbed my hands and placed them on her ample breasts. Not that size matters but she had to be at least 36 d’s bigger then Mistress Kate’s and they were lovely to squeeze as She grinded on my face. Pat “ pinch my nipples pinch me eat me eat me.” I was in heaven I licked and sucked and nibbled and pinched until she shuddered and just all her weight was on my face. She pushed my hands off her chest and just sat there while I was breathing very heavily.

Mistress Kate “ Diane , I think maybe you should let slave have some air.” Diane laughed and got up and kissed me saying” you should be a lesbian eating kitty like that”

Mistress Kate “ I told you he was the first one who had me orgasm just carssaing and loving my breasts. Now you understand when I love slave so much. Even my hubby loves that mouth” as She leaned over and kissed me. She handed me a water bottle. “drink up for the night is young”

Pat , her body glowing from the oil and massage “ you know my tits aren’t all that sensitive do you think slave can make me come just my tits”

Diane “ not before I get a massage”

Mistress Kate patted Her thighs. I knew she wanted me over by Her. I just looked at my ankles. She laughed and climbed on the table and straddled over me. She was teasing me lowering her sweet lips close but just out of reach. I heard Diane moaning. But was concentrating on Mistress’s pussy. Mistress finally let me taste Her . I licked and enjoyed Her sweet juices. When she got off me, I could see Diane and Pat in a 69 position. I looked at Mistress and said “thank you this is a wonderful night and experience for me . I hope I am exceeding your expectations of me”

Mistress Kate patted my head “yes slave and we are not finished yet. Undue your legs and get the oil and sart rubbing Diane while she is on top”

And so the night went on. It took some time but I think because she had come several times already I was able to get Pat to cum just playing with her tits. Nice size fit easily into my mouth. Fryer some time of being entwined. We all just laid there cuddling. My jaw was sore. I could taste them on my face. Pat out of nowhere “did slave ever cum?’

Mistress Kate “ it was about you and enjoying don’t worry about slave. Slave did you cum ? Do you want to?

No Ma’am my pleasure comes from knowing I pleased You. I did please You?

Mistress Kate “ well done. Clean up and we shall head home. Is that ok with You , Pat & Diane?”

Diane “ can we use slave again before slave leaves Please?”

Mistress Kate “ I have some plans but we can chat later”

When we got home, Mistress Kate “ you pleased me well tonite. I know you like to spoon but I promised Sir , you would not sleep in our bed. So get some quilts and pillows down by the fireplace and start a fire”

So we slept with me inside the warm and cuddling arms of Mistress.

Oh what a night I don’t think I will ever have a night like that again.

Peace N Love

Humbly submitted


Pics of my legs and feet from the night

7 thoughts on “Day 3 Mistress Kate”

  1. What a fun and sexy read. I am jealous. It would be fun to be the waiter at that book club for a night I think, but I don’t know about those slippers. And the after party, wow, lucky you. I would have loved to have come out into the room and see the four ladies in panties and their breasts exposed, my cock would have been so stiff.

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