Surprise from Mistress Kate

Good Day Sexy Friends & Followers,

i ope and trust everybody is feeling well and being safe. On Tuesday i got a surprise call From Mistress Kate. She wanted to meet about half way on between our places for lunch on Friday. Who i am to say no. after all she picked a place and time. It was a very long week from Tuesday to Friday.

Friday comes a 2.5 hour drive , i wanted to be early. She wanted me there at 1130 , i got there at 1115 and She was waiting. I went over to Her car, her dogs were with Her. I greeted them all. We walked over to between our vehicles and She had me take off my collar and kneel before Her. She then put the collar on me saying ” you are mine and today is special for your birthday tomorrow , i shall pay for your meal. You will only speak when spoken to and if you wish something or need to speak raise your hand to your forward head as if saluting me. Understand?” Yes Ma’am gladly . “you may get up after you kiss my Feet” Mush to my surprise She was wearing a maxi dress and sandals. Her toenails painted a beautiful red. I kissed Her toes and feet. She gave me a big smile and hug. “Go walk the dogs. there is a bag in my car. Open the back door of your car for me and return when the dogs are finished. ” i should note that i have a SUV with very dark windows in the back and tinted in front. When i returned and opened the door, She had slide to the other side of the car and had lifted Her dress so i could see Her sweet lovely pussy. As i climbed in She said ” this is your dessert if you are a good boy” i eached over and rubbed Her calves and started up Her thighs. ” Not Yet but Thank You i do enjoy your touch and hands on my feet, legs and body. Be patient. let’s go eat”

Lunch was very good and very uneventful other then i was with Mistress Kate. When we got back to my car, i started it up as it had gotten cold temp outside 38 although sunny. She asked “what would you like to do first slave?” may i start at your feet and work my way up, Please? Pretty please? She hiked up Her dress and kicked Her sandals off and lifted Her feet to my lap. Without a word or hesitation as Her feet touched me i started massaging them one hand per foot. i lifted one up to my mouth and started kissing her little toe and eventually licking it and sucking on it. did each toe on each foot. She motioned for me to start rubbing her calves as i did She moaned and opened Her legs putting on the front seat headrest. i viewed this as the invitation to start kissing Her thighs but before i moved up i lifted Her legs so i could kiss behind Her knees as i know She loves this. As i did She ” stop teasing me i am dripping” She grabbed my hair and pulled me between Her thighs stuffing my face and She squeezed Her thighs as i stuck my tongue in deep and started flicking as i felt Her legs shake and tasted Her sweet juices. We stayed in that position for some time as i licked and she kept mu head warm with Her lovely thighs. Patting my head She ” take it easy, Just let me enjoy this moment”. I was thinking gad She is enjoying but i am in heaven right now. i was holding Her lovely butt cheeks and feeling in bliss knowing She was happy. She released Her thigh grip and lifted my head. “Would you like to masturbate between my feet and lick your cum off? ” The look on my face must have said it all. i was still rock hard and have never would have said no. As i pulled my pants down and figure a good position to get into. She looked and said ” i am glad your still hard and your face is so shiny.” I looked at Her , “it is your sweet juices and my lovely dessert that has me so happy.” It didn’t take long for me to climax and lick her feet clean. She was gigging as i licked Her feet clean. She was wiggling Her toes. She gave me that come here look . As i was shifting positions. She said ” my kitty needs more attention”. So who was i to not go at Her again and this time i made sweet love to Her. Slowly kissing and licking Her lips and nibbling on them. Before going at Her clitoris full force. After She came. We sat Her holding me. She held me tight as She said ” i really missed you more then my hubby. And the girls miss you too. ” i hope and trust this was a good birthday gift and You miss me too” I held Her arms around me tighter and said ” yes i do miss You and love how i feel in your presence and arms not to mention i really love how your taste. Thank You for this great surprise. i wish this moment right now could last forever and we didn’t have to move”

We both got ourselves together. i walked the dogs again. She said i could publish this as i saw fit no pictures were taken. She also wants me to rewrite days 4 and 5 from a couple of weeks ago. We made arrangements for me to visit Her in a couple of weeks. We hugged and said our good byes.

Peace N Love

Humbly submitted