TMI Tuesday: March 15, 2021

Good Day Sexy Friends & Followers,

Money, Money, Money

1. If you pay someone to do one chore what would it be?

probably do all my folding of laundry and ironing of clothes

2. If I gave you $1,000,000 usd, how much would you give to charity?

10 to 15 %

3. What is the most annoying thing your (current or past) partner does with money?

My ex was a penny pincher. She accounted for every penny we spent. it wasn’t until during the divorce and even after that i found out for the last 5 years of the marriage she was running 2 books. All water under the bridge. Life for me is good. Thankfully

4. What is something you bought as a couple but would be embarrassed for your parents to know?

Nothing but maybe the money we spent on a Halloween costumes and make up. A night i shall never forget but she regrets. I was her whore and she was my pimp for the night. The sex we had afterward was wonderful. i still remember. She didn’t let me take off my hose, heels or unglue the breast forms. She called me whore and slut and had a good time. but never wanted to do it again or talk about it.

5. What money-related thing have you hid from your significant other?

Just my crossdressing

Bonus: If you received $1,000,000 usd right now would you tell people? Why or why not?

i would not but i would set up trust funds for my grandchildren for college. i would give but if they knew how much their greed might kick in and not want to save for a rainy day.


Peace N Love

Humbly submitted


Happy TMI Tuesday!