Blah — Update

Good Day to my sexy Friends and Followers,

it’s been boring mundane few weeks so much so that i haven’t even waanted to go online. i currentky have over 800 unread emails here. At least i have kept up with the soccer stuff on myother account. We have over 500 players from 5 to 14 playing following some strict protocols. i’m happy for those parents and players, But the meetings and getting everyone on board — Yeech. Sindee has been deep in the closet sometimes i don’t think she is even around. But then i get a call from Mistress Kate out of the blue. She must have known i was just existing. She brighten my day and life. She wants to see me as does Her sexy friends. Noe i just have to figure our how soon i can make the trip.

To those bloggers i normally respond to and read — i truly miss you and will do my best to catch up.

so Happy trails to you all

be safe and sexy

Peace N Love

humbly submitted


a sweeter day

17 thoughts on “Blah — Update”

  1. Peace and Love sindee – as my good friend Vlad often says to me, sometimes life just Doms you! You have to roll with the punches. But if you actually want to give your sparkly sindee self an outing then you should, because I think it will lift your heart.
    No apologies for quietness needed to me – I’ve been needing a bit of quiet time too xx

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