Long Over Due

Good Day Sexy Friends,

I can’t believe how long it has been since i blogged and read emails.

I will explain as i can and that i am allowed. Mistress Kate and Sir have requested that i stay offline except for my twitter and instagram accounts and whenever i am online. One must be present. Mistress Kate will approve this writing. I have been in good health and taking care of my soccer obligations but mostly being the housemaid and companion for Mistress Kate and Sir when He is here. He resides about 5 hours from us. I have spent most of my summer up with Mistress Kate. She is doing well and i enjoy life. I go home for soccer stuff and family times.

i cannot give many details of life up North with Mistress Kate other then i am keeping things in order and taking care of Her needs and desires. There have been no new photos of me except when i went to Mexico for the month of December with my Son – in laws Parents. to help them out with some things at their house. i was proud of myself for not using the interent and checking sindee’s mail. i was rewarded by Mistress Kate when i came back. (Thank You MK)

Mistress Kate is going to allow me (Thankfully) to open my eamil and return some messages and read some blogs. i look forward to catching up with many of you.

Thank you for understanding.

To those bloggers i normally respond to and read — i truly miss you and will do my best to catch up.

so Happy trails to you all

Peace N Love

humbly submitted


My Toes for Christmas Relaxing after hard morning work

Beautiful Sky

My new warm socks temp outside -5 F

14 thoughts on “Long Over Due”

  1. So glad to see you on here sindee, I was concerned at the length of time you were missing. Glad to hear you are well and happy! Your post made me smile this morning. πŸ™‚ x

  2. Glad to see you’re doing well! Sad to not see any updates for so long, but it looks like things are going good for you. I hope your Mistress allows you to update this more frequently.

    1. Dear Sindee,
      I’m glad you’re well and happy, with Kate and Sir, just a question he make love with you or punish when you misbehave, upset them.
      A kiss from

      1. Sir is very Heterosexual and only let’s me suck him like as a fluffer. i do not disappoint them and they are not into punishments. My goal is to always serve and respect them.

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