TMI Tuesday – March 29, 2022

Good Day Sexy friends and followers

Upgrade your happiness– play TMI Tuesday, a simple pleasure in life.

1. Tell us your top two simple pleasures.

a. Mistress Kate knows how true this is going down on Her. Kissing Her thighs working my way to Her orgasm and feeling Her lovely thighs squeeze my head so that i can’t hear anything but feel Her explosion on my tongue.

b. in stark contrast having my 1-year-old granddaughter hug me with her soft hair under my cheek and feeling her fall into a deep sleep.

2. You are being a offered a day of pleasure but you must choose one of the following to do. Which would you choose?
a. Sex
b. Watching big sports match/game
c. Fun times with good friends

Fun times with friends that end in a special night of me serving them all.

3. The sun shining through your window in the morning–annoyance or pleasure?

Pleasure the sun on my face even thru a window is energy being absorbed into my body

4. If you uttered the words “pleasure me” to your lover, what would you want to happen?

i think first She would point to the ground and say worship me from the toes up. I will tell you when can stop

5. Tell us one thing you were most grateful for last week?

hmm i guess that i made it thru a real rough time coming down from the anesthesia following a procedure. i had the shakes and was freezing for about 2 hours before i took some cbd to fall asleep. woke up fine thankfully

Bonus: What is the last thing you crossed of your bucket list?

i have never made a bucket list.

Special bonus question–one of life’s mysteries: Are fig newtons cookies or bars? (thelatephoenix wants to know)

no it’s a fruit snack cookies are pleasurable and usually have chocolate in them

humbly submitted



This week TMI Tuesday wants to know– are you a cheat?

Good Day my Sexy Friends and Followers

1. Have you ever cheated at a board game? Why?

was a cheat when i was younger and dumb. Now i realize a game is a game for FUN. So i just try to enjoy win or lose. Good Sportsmanship.

2. Which board game are you unbeatable?

i don’t think i am unbeatable in anything. There is always someone better at that one thing. I try to stay well rounded and be good at many. Master at nothing. although, some think i am a good soccer coach. High School (19U) Girls Club.

3. Which mythological creature would be your worst roommate?

not into mythology. so any of them would not be good for me.

4. Give us a three song playlist. You can link to the songs if you wish.

my play list varies from day to day

1. 4 Jacks and a Jill “Master Jack”

2. ladysmith black mambazo homeless live

3.”The Sound of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel from The Concert in Central Park

4.Song: Margaritaville Artist: Jimmy Buffett

5. Bob Marley – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

5. What famous person have you met or been within a few feet of (music concerts and book signings do not count).

Several football players Gale Sayers , Walter Payton. Many more as i played semi pro as a wide receiver. But those 2 stand out as being kind gentleman and nice to a punk kid.

Bonus: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

No a Hot Dog is A Hot Dog just like a burger is a burger. Peanut Butter and Jelly is a sandwich. two pieces of bread and something in between is a sandwich. Now here’s a Hot Dog the right way Chicago Style ( i am a Chicagoan)

Humbly submitted


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Happy TMI Tuesday!