My 5 Senses & Mistress Kate

Good Day Sexy Friends and Followers,

A fellow blogger Car Sutra wrote a blog about “Using All Five Senses During Sex: Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch & Scent” ( wonderful read. i though about Mistress Kate although i haven’t ever had sex(intercourse) with Her. i have loved and worshipped Her body in a very sexual way. This blog post has been approved by Mistress Kate. Thank You Mistress.

  • Sight i am very visual, like most males. When i first saw Her as She entered my office, i was mesmerized, her She walked in 5′ 10′ in a Police uniform, strawberry blonde hair pulled back into a pony tail. Beautiful blue eyes. beautiful skin. i had to be professional and stay professional. the interview went well. She is well read and didn’t take shit from anybody. Made for a perfect Secretary at least for me. 12 years of seeing Her professionally and keeping it professional. i met Her Hubby(Sir) at numerous work parties of how i loved Her long legs and Her beauty. shortly, after my divorce, i got the unexpected call from Her. i met Her dressed in drab mode, She was wearing shorts, Her hair flowing just a beautiful sight. After a talk, and a few more lunches, i became Hers and HIs.
  • Sound Oh to hear Her moan, when She cums muffled as it may be with Her lovely thighs squeezing my head. A sound i long for. Its been over a month since we have been together. Of course , i do love Her voice when She praises for doing a good job. Een when its just for putting the dishes away or folding their clothes after doing the laundry.
  • Taste She just tastes good and when Her and Sir have enjoyed each other. Tasting Her on Him and then all the juices on Her thighs and lips. Not sure how to describe but better than Finger lickn good
  • Touch It all starts with how soft Her skin is . A simple massage with oil strawberry is my favorite as it also tastes good on Her. Every day after Her shower sometimes i get to lather Her other times i just sit outside the shower door with a towel to dry Her off. Then for me the excitement of rubbing lotion on Her feet , legs, back, arms, and tummy. She loves a toe and finger massages. She knows how it drives me crazy when all She allows is a toe and foot rub or hand and finger rub.
  • Scent i never noticed a scent from Her all the years , we worked together. But now that i spend time with Her there is the Strawberry cream. the vanilla cream that sends a lovely aroma. And then the smell i really enjoy, Her lovely juice i love it when it is in my goatee. She sometimes lets me sleep with that scent. Strangely, no wet dreams maybe because i am too tired and just fall into a heavenly deep slepp.

There were some items removed from what i originally Sent Mistress Kate.

Another blogger i follow is Kinky with a Twist by Helen a recent blog was about collars. Here’s the link

I had commented on my collar and how it makes me feel. It comes on and off way to often because of my vanilla life and also because of Mistress and Sir’s vanilla life. Attached is a photo i sent recently to Mistress Kate, telling Her i missed Her and i had Her collar on.

Peace N Love

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love this photo and your hair is just as lovely as your smile

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What do i want to be when i grow up?

Good Day Sexy Friends and Followers,

At the of Blue Bloods today, Frank Reagan(father) asks Jamie (his son) ” at dinner last Sunday, you were the only one who didn’t say what he wanted to be when you grew up?’

This got me thinking, when is was younger whenever someone ask me that my answer was always happy and rich. They would usually ask but doing what and where you get rich ? My answer was i will work hard and invest well. so really i never did give an answer someone was looking to get.

So here i sit at the age of 67 divorced after 42 years of marriage with 3 grown and beautiful daughters and 10 grandchildren and one great grandson. living with my youngest daughter, her hubby, and 4 granddaughters. i have a Mistress that i serve and can cross-dress and really just be me slave sindee. Happy yes but when i spend too much time ( 5 days 10 days 30 days) either living full time with my Mistress and Her Hubby or my family, i feel like i am missing something and i am not as happy as i should be.

I have been running a successful youth soccer program as a volunteer for 12 years. Took it from 350 players in one park to 800 players in 2 parks. I am a successful soccer coach for High school girls.

I help care for a blind 87 year old Aunt.

All wonderful things to be glad and make me happy but yet i feel like something is missing. i spoke on this with Mistress Kate and Sir. Mistress Kate asked when are you the happiest? i thought for a moment or 2. My answer was pretty much the answer in Laying with my head on Her bare thigh after She has patted me on my head telling me good job. i am happy feeling like i am in heaven. The other time when i have a feeling that close is when the 1-year-old Granddaughter falls asleep on my shoulder.

I have enough money and don’t really care about much else but would want to be able to move back and forth between those 2 times. Mistress Kate just thinks sometimes i am just to weird and told me that’s why i love you. It just about sent to to another level when She said that in front of Sir. Sir smiled and said ” you know sindee i love you too, come here for a hold you silly one. “

So i still don’t know what i want to be when i grow up. i do tell folks i am living until i am120. So who knows maybe i will be something when i grow up. But for now i am happy and living good. Thank full for that and good health.

Life goes on and maybe i should have the theme in life of Bobby McFerrin – Don’t Worry Be Happy (

Hope i didn’t bore anyone just wanted off my chest again.

This post approved by both Mistress Kate and Sir

Peace N Love

humbly submitted


a blast from the past