II take my 87 year-old blind Aunt to church , whenever i can. Last Sunday, while preaching on the Lord’s Prayer, the Minister used this phrase “There is Freedom in Dependence”. My mind went straight to my submissive side. Yes being a slave submissive to Mistress Kate. i am deponent on Her for many decisions i don’t have to make. Things i just do to please Her and Sir. i serve and give them my best. i have chosen this and they have chosen me. i go with them and follow and serve. i have been reading blogs by girlieboy69( Slave Shae( both much younger then i and am enjoying there boldness and willing to tell their stories. I also yearn for D/s to be more accepting. So that Mistress and Sir could proudly walk down the street with me a step behind them collared and on a leash. And me being proud to be theirs. Oh well maybe in a few more generations that will happen. Society norms change. It is just hard waiting for those changes and acceptance. Here’s a pic of my new collar a little more fem than my old one. Mistress and Sir like the old one better. But we switch back and forth. The old one is heavier and i enjoy that as i feel it more. That feeling of being owned, controlled and yet oh so FREE !!

Peace N Love

humbly submitted