Update long summer

Good Day Sexy Friends and Followers,

Not sure where to start been busy with new room addition 12 x 16 with deck. Taking longer then expected. spent time up north with Mistress and Sir. New soccer season started with more players then anticpated which caused more coach classes to be taught. My co instructor and my self taught over 100 new cocahes over 11 clubs.

Now my time with Mistress was intense as i served beer and wine for a fund raiser. One of their close friends is going on a Honor Flight, i raised over $400 in tips. Mistress won a AR-15. She is an ex Police Officer and loves target practising and being ready for the apocalpse. So at least when and if it comes, She will protech me and Sir. Niether Him or i are fans of guns. Let alone weapons of mass destruction. But it makes Her happy and that is always my main focus.

Sexually, thinga have been slow. Not much to write about. I do enjoy my times with them but the summer has been about doing things and leaving sexy aside. Sadly. She did get me a new collar and we switch between the thick and thin one.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Be safe Enjoy life as it comes to You

Peace N Love

Humbly Submitted


5 thoughts on “Update long summer”

      1. They can be like that lol. I remember one visiting me after my kitchen fire and he thought I’d done it on purpose because our smoke alarm had malfunctioned, I just thought it was an incredibly stupid and highly irresponsible thing to say (nobody else believes it, only one who kept suggesting it was our landlord). I’ve got a plumber visiting me today myself, because no amount of plunging and snaking was going to fix our loo. They’ve got to pull it out from the wall to clear out all of the crud from our local hardwater, so that will we be fun when I’m trying to blog later lol.

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