TMI Tuesday: November 15, 2022

Good Day Sexy Friends and Followers,

hopefully, better late then never.

1. Defend your splurge –
Tell us why you bought that thing — we won’t judge.

My last spluge was for some girlie jewelry fake nose rings. Because i deserve it i don’t often get things for myself but the most expensive is my new hat from Mexico .

2. What is one thing you always take from a hotel room?

Now that i am older nothing. but when i was younger and i still have some Towels.

3. What is one thing in your pantry you know you keep for too long?

nothing i don’t have a pantry. There is one in the house but i only buy cookies and candy, which are stored next to my bed in a cabinet.

4. Which game show sums up your life?
a. Jeopardy
b. Family Feud
c. The Price is Right
d. The Dating Game

This is a tough one. maybe The Price is Right since i am always looking for a great deal as good deals aren’t really goos until they become GREAT.

5. When all is said and done, will you have said more than you have done?

in my later years i have been of little words. but throuhout the earlier times and as a project manager i was outspoken in order to get things done. And as i instruct management classes i realize i can speak for an hour to and hour and half. So bottom line the mouth wins. i have accomplished alot but words out number the deeds. Maybe i am wrong. so i live with this though:

Peace N Love

Humbly Submitted



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Happy TMI Tuesday!


8 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday: November 15, 2022

  1. Ooh, you’ll have to link me up to fake nose jewellery. A few people think I’d look good with a pierced nose. On the side though, not the septum.

    Lovely as always slave sindee, I love the hat. It’s a pleasure getting to know you.

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