II take my 87 year-old blind Aunt to church , whenever i can. Last Sunday, while preaching on the Lord’s Prayer, the Minister used this phrase “There is Freedom in Dependence”. My mind went straight to my submissive side. Yes being a slave submissive to Mistress Kate. i am deponent on Her for many decisions i don’t have to make. Things i just do to please Her and Sir. i serve and give them my best. i have chosen this and they have chosen me. i go with them and follow and serve. i have been reading blogs by girlieboy69( Slave Shae( both much younger then i and am enjoying there boldness and willing to tell their stories. I also yearn for D/s to be more accepting. So that Mistress and Sir could proudly walk down the street with me a step behind them collared and on a leash. And me being proud to be theirs. Oh well maybe in a few more generations that will happen. Society norms change. It is just hard waiting for those changes and acceptance. Here’s a pic of my new collar a little more fem than my old one. Mistress and Sir like the old one better. But we switch back and forth. The old one is heavier and i enjoy that as i feel it more. That feeling of being owned, controlled and yet oh so FREE !!

Peace N Love

humbly submitted




  1. I absolutely agree sindee. I have one very similar, black with a heart-shaped ring but it hardly gets worn. It is fun to break it out occasionally though to surprise hubby hehe.

  2. I love this…it is so sweet of you to give me a shout out. I have really enjoyed your own commentary…and your own life story of ending up the slave of your secretary is truly beautiful and one that has been the object of many fantasies of my own during my career. My first secretary was a very attractive female body builder who covered her work area with pictures of semi-naked men, and she often compared my skinny little body to theirs…I remember her holding up a picture after I had asked her to do something, and then she looked me up and down in that highly reductive way that only a Latina woman can do, and said, “now, what did you want to say to me big boy?”…of course we developed a wonderful working relationship…my boss, a very attractive woman for whom I was quite literally a slave enjoyed the show…

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