TMI Tuesday: February 10, 2015

In the U.S.A. there is a late-night talk show hosted by comedian/writer Conan O’Brien.

I had not seen Conan O’Brien show for several years. Recently, I decided to watch it and I heard these questions for TMI Tuesday.

TMI & Conan O’Brien

1. One thing I will never comprehend is why i love wearing women’s clothes and why the world can’t accept it. I really like dressing like this pinklegup

2. My blood type is O+ a universal donor.

3. I am pretty healthy for someone who eats chocolate and junk food. And believes that fruits and veggies are for other people.

4. When I really cannot sleep I masturbate and surf the net.

5. You never forget your my first wife sex was the best anywhere anytime.

6. As a child my favorite pet was a cockatil named Pete He would sit on my shoulder for hours. I found him outside and he came home with me. 

Bonus: This week’s question comes from The Late Phoenix – “Why was fuck chosen as the ultimate swear word? It coulda easily been duck.”  Fuck if i know or care but really who dosen’t  like to fuck or say lets fuck – fuck yeah or sometimes just fuck fuck fuck and FUCK IT

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