bored & confused

So here it is Sunday morning went to church drove church bus. i like ti think i am a good Christian boy. But this i am wearing oink panties and bra with a butt plug. old pic but same panties & bra.


wishing i had this on instead.


Sometimes i wonder what’s wrong with me. i love others and try to be helpful to all. But i have this desire to be a sissy and maid to serve others especially Women. i truly love Women and wish to obey and serve all Women all the time in every imaginable way.

So i read this today from a book by mike yaconelli ” Messy Spirituality is a description of the Christianity most of us live and that few of us admit. … M.S. is a celebration of a discipleship which is under construction “.

Makes me think i might be ok but i still wonder ? Does anyone really understand me ?

Maybe mike yaconelli was someone i should have met a long time ago.  Love reading his book makes me think.




humbly at your service

slave sindee

3 thoughts on “bored & confused”

  1. Treating others how we would like to be treated is a good way to live, no matter what you are wearing
    Enjoy the secret.

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