punishment tribute

This is started innocently. But then as it happens a Master & Mistress that i on occasion serve, saw a post of mine on twitter saying i was going to do a tribute to a lovely Lady named Veronica.  i failed to ask permission so they decided i should be punished.  usually every Saturday i am allowed to stroke myself.  so i told Veronica i would tribute one of Her pics and post it.  So when Master and Mistress found out they were a little upset that i hadn’t consulted with them.  Si the punished was to keep The Vice on for two more weeks and not pleasure myself.  And to send a photo of me acting like i was going to tribute with The Vice on with nipple clamps attached to my sac and to wear my rainbow butt plug. The clamps hurt and i would rather have them on my nipples.  And of course to write about it. So its been done and here are a few photos that Master and Mistress approved.  The clamps hurt and i would rather have them on my nipples.

Sorry for disappointing Master and Mistress and also Veronica,



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