Happy easter

Easter Greetings to All me sexy Friends and Followers,

First off May you all enjoy your Easter weekend. Springtime is upon us and soon summer.

I have been behind in reading my favorite blogs slowly catching up. About 2 weeks ago i received a wonderful bear hug from my son-in law’s brother. It was so good as he lifted me off the ground and gave a second stronger squeeze as i kissed his bald head that he cracked 2 ribs. i have gotten behind in a bunch of things including re writing my last days with Mistress Kate. My first submitted to Her was to personal for Her liking. I also missed going to see Her again as my truck broke down. Rack and pinon steering failure at 70 mph. Luckily , i am an experienced driver and few vehicles around me. So i was able to pull over safely and call for a tow truck. Life can throw unexpected curves at any time. So as i mend and my truck gets repaired, my wish is for everyone to have a great weekend and enjoy your friends and family to the max.

Peace N Love

humbly submitted


Wishing this was me

16 thoughts on “Happy easter”

  1. Happy Easter Sindee. My truck died on me. So I have been without transportation for a while. Still trying to get a new one. Hope you are having a good Easter weekend Girl Friend.

  2. Happy Easter!
    I congratulate you on the holiday, dear friend! And take care of yourself. Let your car never let you down again and give you the opportunity to meet dear people more.

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