Sublife in mexico?

Good Day My Sexy Friends and Followers,

Thank You the wonderful responses from my last entry. My SIL and his family asked me to accompany their Dad to Mexico for a medical procedure that (Mr. A) he didn’t want to have done in Chicago. How could i refuse a 3 week trip to small town Mexico.

So now after an exciting time with Mistress Kate and Sir. i find myself in Mexico. Please know that i do not speak Spainish and the town i am in there are now 3 people who speak English. So that makes it easy to speak only when spoken to. i have been taught to look at a speaker and be attentive. Which i know some Domnes want you looking down, i have told in public settings that is impolite. Submissive nature takes over. i have been to this community 5 times now within 3 years. i am being called the dark silent one who serves. Puts a smile on my face. i tend to Mr A. and all around. i get drinks and snacks. clean up and do dishes. There is a family that cares for the family house when all are in Chicago, they bring down 2 plates of food twice a day. i really have it good here.

Mr. A is doing great and off medication. Last night he had his drinking friends over. i served and one of his friends rubbed my leg and told Mr. A that it was a good strong legs an smoother then his wives. Later in the night he slapped my ass. i loved it and almost wiggled but i didn’t. As they were leaving he hugged me and grabbed my ass. He whispered something in Spainish and winked at me.

Another highlight was the last Drs. appointment. i had been going in with him to get care instructions but he was sure there would be none. When his name was called we both stood up and he abruptly turned to me with a stern voice “Sit down, STAY!!” i immediately sat. Everyone looked and i lowered my head and waited. i wonder if he really knows about my submissiveness?

Here’s a photo by one of the plants i water daily.

Humbly submitted


8 thoughts on “Sublife in mexico?”

    1. Yes indeed i found that wearing white shirts in very important meetings tended to make my points more outstanding rather then wearing blue ,brown, or other colors.

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