Day 1 & 2 with Mistress Kate

Good Day Sexy Friends and Followers,

How lucky i am to be able to visit Mistress Kate during this lockdown. Travelling to Northern Wisconsin although a bit colder the town is smaller and everyone knows one another. Few Restaurants are open and evryone is friendly and kind. Mistress Kate is feeling more comfortable with letting Her kink come out. Thank You Mistress Kate. BTW this is Mistress approved i am on day 4 here.

Well it started out with a great big hug, i am still feeling it. Upon arrival She had me call when i thought i was 5 minutes away. She was standing on her porch in a white robe , Her long majestic strawberry blonde hair just flowing with a huge smile. As i pulled into the drive< She ran down the stairs and waitted my the car door. I opened the door to Her ‘ You are Here ! YOU ARE HERE My slave is here this boring winter is going to be fun!” before She finished i was wrapped in Her arms in the best hold ever. i still feel it. After we went in and did some personal catching up.

“That is a lovely new collar. What happened to the old one?” i told Her that some how it got lost and i saw this one and bought it. She shook her head. “take it off right NOW! as i was removing it i said You don’t like it.

“Silence” She reached for it and looked at. “nice soft leather and nice ring. i do so like it now on your knees and present yourself to me” She took my head and touched my head so that i was looking into Her beautiful blue eyes. i do so get lost in them. I wasn’t sure what was going on as i knelt and stared for what seemed like 10 minutes with Her one finger touching my chin and the other holding the collar. Suddenly, Her lips moved ” i like this and with this collar I shall claim you as mine , you shall wear this collar the entire time you are here. You are mine and will do as you are told. i will protect you and adhere to your limits and keep you safe. Do you agree and what say you? My smile couldn’t have been bigger. Yes Yes Yes i am yours and shall obey You at all times. She started putting the collar on me. I will follow You and do as You desire, It is my privildge to be considered Mistress Kate’s slave Thank You Thank You. i bent over nad kissed each foot. She patted my head. “this starts our wonderful week. Kiss my hand ” i kissed each hand as She put it forth.

i emptied my car and prepared some crackers and cheese. We snacked a bit. She then talked about what we might do. She keeps Her house at 62 degrees. Later in the evening We headed out for dinner.  At Dinner, She told me that She has made friends with some kinky folks. She order for me as i sat quiet head bowed down. The waitress said” He is quiet is he ok? Kate Kate responded “this is the slave i was telling you about? he is well trained you may call him xxxxx” Dinner went on as normal. i paid the waitress(Diane). Diane looked at me ” Tomorrow is going to be fun see you then Enjoy Mistress Kate. ” I replied “Thank You Ma’am” Mistress smiled and we left. On the ride Mistress said ” Damn her she ruined my surprise for you. Now you will have to wait”

When we came back i started a fire and laid a huge mattress down and covered it with a fannel sheet. i took Her clothes off and rubbed coconut oil over Her body until fell She asleep.  After about an hour of Her sleep with me laying on Her thighs. She asked me to rub Her thighs and do my magic between Her legs. Such soft and sexy thighs i had a lovely and tastee snack.  After some wonderful cuddling we adjourned to our respective rooms.  When Her Hubby, Sir, was here i sleep on a doggie bed in their room.  But Sir requested i stay out of their room since He isn’t here.  So they gave me a nice room with flannel sheets. i slept so well and am looking forward to the adventures of the day.

Day 2 didn’t pan out with friends as it snowed from 630 a.m to 930 p.m. over 12 inches of snow.  So we did head out for dinner.  walked about .5 miles Outside the wait staff we were the only customers.   Dinner was good. on the walk back we did snow angels in an empty parking lot.  When we got back was the best part of the nite.  She wanted a shower.  So after disrobing Her.  I bathed Her and toweled Her off. i laid Her in Her Four poster Bed covered Her up took my shower.  As i entered the room She removed the covers and wiggled Her toes.  So i rubbed Her feet and worshipped each toe as i massaged Her calves. Her skin feels so soft.  When She was satisficed, She rolled over and said “my back is lonely”. My signal to massage Her back.  And so the nite went on with me worshipping Her lovely body for over 3 hours of rubbing, kissing, caressing and enjoying Her. She stated, “use my thigh as a pillow and look but do  not touch my pussy any more for nite and have sweet dreams”  I kissed Her neck and ears and laid between Her legs as instructed.  After some time She awoke and advised we should return to our rooms until She rings for me. i finished this and take Her A light kiss to Her forward as i said “thank You for a lovely day and evening” Her smile was what i left with.

When i awoke i cleaned the fireplace and tided the house. Started Her coffee eagerly awaiting the bell. I also wrote this while waiting. Perfect timing, iam finished and scurry with coffee to Her side i go.

I didn’t mention that the temp has dropped from snow day to zero and will be below zero for Saturday.  During the day i cleaned part of the basement under Her direction and used the snow blower twice and cleared the walk ways and driveway.

Mistress Kate has read and approved and no photos taken. sorry friends

Peace N Love

Humbly Submitted



18 thoughts on “Day 1 & 2 with Mistress Kate”

  1. Wow your devotion is all consuming and your Mistress seems to be enjoying it – how delightful that this makes you both so happy. No picture needed -I can imagine her beautiful soft skin and your pretty little collar very well. I hope the mutual pleasure continues.

    1. Thank You Posy, i am almost in subspace my entire time with Her. Sometimes deeper then others. Sliding from level to level if there is such a thing. She seems happy with me. Will write about days 3 and 4
      maybe Sunday and send to Her for Her thumbs up.
      Sadly leaving to go back home in about 10 hours.

      1. Sindee – marvellous news and more of your experiences with your mistress will be looked forward to

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